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Crochet winter hats have a homegrown style typical of todays green movement. It is nice to be able to connect with a handmade product that is genuinely of good quality.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about crochet winter hats. There are many style variations and ways of wearing winter hats. Please email tips and advice to

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Knit Winter Hats and Crochet Winter Hats

Crochet Wool Hat

Wool is a great material for a hat. Wool is soft, wooly, durable, and warm. Many materials lose their ability to warm you when they are wet. Wool has the same problem, but wool is much warmer when wet than most other materials.

Knit Beanie Hat

The beanie hat is the traditional winter hat. It is a basic simple winter hat that snugs your head and keeps you warm. It is a good idea to keep several beanie hats of different colors to match your outfit. In the spring and summer, especially, you will get an opportunity to wear a beanie hat without your winter coat. Beanie hats can be made of fleece or also be knit or crochet hats. For the would be knitters and crocheters out there, a kids beanie hat is a good place to start.

Crochet Ski Hat

Can you imagine a 19 year old boy getting out his grandmothers knitting needles or learning how to crochet to make a ski hat? It seems odd, but crazy ski hats are very popular. To get an ideal hat, is sometimes hard to find. You want the hat to be bright and crazy and also be unique. For snowboarders and skiers that love the sport, they can go crazy looking for the perfect hat. It is amazing that so many young men have taken up knitting in search of the perfect ski hat.

Bomber Hats

The bomber hat is a hat with ear flaps that fold down or up. The advantage to a bomber hat is that they are traditionally warmer. Some bombers have liners in them to allow you to change to a warmer or cooler liner.

Most of the people that like bomber hats are into hunting and fishing. The reason is that you need the extreme warmth when you are outside standing still for the entire day. On many hunting and fishing trips, people are too cold to enjoy it and a bomber hat makes it a lot warmer.

Todays bomber hats are much nicer looking than in the past. You can get a bomber hat that is knit out of virtually any color. They are getting a softer look and retaining the many options that bomber hats provide.

Knit Fleece Hat

Fleece is often made out of wool, but can also be a synthetic material like polyester. Fleece hats are most often a beanie style hat that is snug to the head. Fleece is also used to line many of the knit or crochet hats. Fleece is also a good scarf material because the dense fibers will not allow the wind to blow through very much.

Crochet Kids Hats

Kids hats are funny. They often make your child look like an animal. When you child looks like a polar bear or penguin, they are easier to keep track of and put a smile on everyones face. For skiers, children are now wearing hats on their ski helmets that make them look like animals.

Many kids hats are also just regular knit or crochet hats. Kids love to put on a beanie hat and then, of course, to take it off a second later. Sometimes people wonder why hats were invented for children because they take them off so readily.

Womens Winter Hats

Women should know that guys love it when they wear a nice knit or crochet hat. Men also love to see women wear beanie hats in the spring and summer. Guys are always impressed when a woman can let her hair down. With hats, a lot of girls do not wear them because they don't want to mess up their hair. Guys are not impressed with that.

Fashionable womens hats are often knit pink with white sheep wool on the inside. They also may have a white knit on the outside of the hat with a pink or gray fur on the inside. Black is also popular for women that want to appear more responsible and daring. Women typically like a knit or crochet hat that has tight knots and is made of a fine wool like merino.

Mens Winter Hats

Men have always loved hats. They wear them to the baseball game, to the store, while hunting or fishing, and even to church.

Men are more apt to wear a bomber style hat than a woman. They also are more apt to wear a plain style beanie hat than a woman.

Guys like winter hats that are black, brown, gray, and blue. Guys go for basic colors that don't stand out a lot. A guy wants to be noticed, but not stand out too much.

Men are also more likely to choose a huskier wool hat like tweed or Donegal. Men also like a looser crochet hat then they will like fine fleece hat.

Winter Scarves and Knit Mittens

It is nice to have a scarf and mittens that match. Children's clothing will often sell matching knit or crochet mittens with a knit or crochet matching hat. It is not as common for adults to have matching knit mittens.

Adults are more likely to wear leather gloves with that are fur lined or lined with Thinsulate. You can imagine having a nice merino wool black knit hat and some matching fur lined leather gloves and a black scarf with red accents.

The most popular style of scarf is made of fleece. Fleece is good at keeping the wind out and feeling good on your neck. Whether you really need a scarf, or not, depends a lot on how cold the winters in your area are. Windy areas, like Chicago, are especially good places to have a scarf.

Knit and Crochet Boots

There is a growing trend for knit boots. Knit boots are often called sweater boots because the material looks like a thick sweater.

There are also hybrid boots that have some crochet or knit aspects, for looks, and then the boot is basically a regular boot.

The boots that are primarily knit or crochet are not great for outdoors. These kinds of boots are best for walking a couple of blocks or around the house. They aren't going to be great for winter hikes or skiing.

The primary purpose of a knit boot is for someone that I less active and likes the look.






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